What are "packs" and how do I use them?
Packs include the full track and in addition, individual music files - often sections of the track which can be used to "re-build" the track in different variations. Building/Rearranging a track is quite easy as every pack comes with a "spacer.mp3" which can be copy&pasted throughout the entire length of your video project. Spacer does not have any sound - it's only purpose is to allow seamless alignments of individual sections of the music. Individual music files have to be placed at the beginning of "spacer.mp3". Those music files have a tail/reverb and are not directly cut-off to the beat. I do it that way because it sounds much better, no section ends abruptly and one could never tell that you rearranged the music. Using spacer adds a little more work to your project, but give it a try, it's worth it!

Is your music really free and will it trigger copyright claims?
I know that these days everyone seems to offer "free music" and one or two clicks away, you discover that it comes with a catch. Often it will either trigger a copyright claim on your video unless you purchase a license, it is only free for small/personal channels or you need to pay for it to begin with. My music however, is entirely free - also for commercial projects and does not trigger a copyright claim. You will not find a single piece of music that you will have to pay for on my YouTube channel or website.

Can you guarantee that the music you provide will not get me or my channel into trouble? (This question is never asked, but it should!)
I strive to keep everything I do very transparent and I do it not because some content creators already got into trouble receiving copyright claims and strikes for using music they came across in the world wide web - I do it because I think everyone offering music should. Every time you take 3rd party material into your content there is a certain level of trust required. Whatever music you find on my YouTube channel and website is personally composed by me - without the use of any 3rd party loop or material. I compose everything from scratch, note-by-note. I started to include the screen of my music workstation (Cubase, Steinberg) within every video I upload - for a non-composer maybe a little bland to look at, but it demonstrates that I compose everything myself.

What do I need to know?

I love to compose music and I work on new tracks every day and keep adding them to my YouTube-Channel and website.

My music does not trigger any copyright claims and you may use it within your project(s), even commercially, at no charge. Attribution is appreciated, but not required.